0.5M*10M Water Transfer Printing Film,Hydrographic BLUE BONE DOG CAMO US PR


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Water/HydrographiesTransfer Printing Applicable to a variety of materials including plastic, metal, ceramic, wood, stone, resin, also can realize transfer on uneven surfaces,its save the pattern charge fee compare to other printing technology and easy to operate,it make printing more fancy.

Other Name:Water Transfer Printing Film also named Hydrographic FilmAqua Print FilmHydro Dipping FilmPva FilmWater Soluble FilmPva Water Soluble Film,Hydro Arts Hydrographic Film, 3D Cubic Printing Film, Liquid Transfer Printing Film 

Style: Carbon Fiber, Skull, Flame, Fallen Leaves, Camouflage ,Wooden, Marble, Animal, Cartoon, Cloth, Drawing, and other designed pattern.

Width: 0.5M,  width. 10 meter long

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19X383" Inches = 0.5 X 10 METER

Carbon fiber Concept Pattern  Water Transfer Film/ Hydro-graphic film





Carbon Fiber Pattern



Skull Pattern



Fancy Design Pattern



Fallen Leaves And Camo Patter


Wood And Marble Pattern


Animal And Flame Pattern