1 Waterproof White Henna Cone


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10grams per cone


What is WHITE henna?

WHITE henna is not actually henna. There are no henna ingredients. However the method of applying it and the designs are just like henna. THUS, having the name of "WHITE HENNA".

What is it made of?

SyraSkins White Henna is formulated with cosmetic grade, Latex Free, Body Art adhesive and Pigments. They are Long Lasting, Waterproof and Versatile.

Does it stain the skin?

No, WHITE henna is not a bleaching agent.

How long does it last?

1-3 days - fingers

3-5 days - hand

5-7 days - body

Does it invalidate my prayers for Muslims?

Yes, it's just like your waterproof makeup. When taking ablution, it creates barrier against skin.

Can I remove it?

Yes, it can removed with makeup remover or baby oil.

How do I store it?

This product is temperature sensitive. Store in the dry cupboard.
Do NOT freeze. Do NOT leave it in a hot car.

**Please leave a note when shipping during winter seasons
** Does NOT contain latex
** Avoid extreme temperatures




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