Activator B for Blank Water Transfer Printing Film - 200ml Activator B for Blank Hydro Dipping Film


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Step 1: Print your pattern in your inkjet printer. Use " mirror printing" and " highest quality" type.And the ink is pigment ink.
Step 2: Wait till the ink is totally dried and apply activator A to protect the ink.
Step 3: Tape the borders of the film to limit the expansion of the film when placed on the water surface and pull off the stabilization paper of the backside.
Step 4: Place the film on the water and fix it.
Step 5: Apply the second activator B to liquify the film and wait about 45 seconds till the film is completely liquified.
Step 6: Dip the object into the film with an angle of 35-45 degrees to avoid air bubbles.
Step 7: Take out the object, flush away overhang parts of the film, wait till it is dry and apply a clear top lacquer as protection.

  • Hydrographics Film - Water transfer printing -Cubic Coating -Activator B For Water Transfer Printing Film
  • Quantity:200ml.
  • 200mlL use to 6 Square film.
  • Features:Activator B For Water Transfer Printing Film.

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