Colorful Sand for Terrarium (Pack of 6, Each 200 gm)


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Decorating your household with beautiful and attractive indoor plant enhance the ambiance of the house. You can decorate your household with indoor plants in Terrarium containers. The Terrarium shape itself is enough to attract everyone. What if the sand in which the plant is grown is also attractive? Just imagine having such cute and small plants in a colorful sand on your work table or study table. They beautify your indoors to next level.

In order to help you out in decorating your indoors, we have introduced Trustbasket Colorful Sand for Terrarium. Set of 6 colors, each of 200gms are available. These sand granules are made by crushing the pebbles and comes in Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Brown colors. You can fill these colorful sand in your Terrariums and Aquariums. The attractive colors give an elegant look to your household.

Package includes

Yellow Color Sand (200 gm)

Green Color Sand (200 gm)

Pink Color Sand (200 gm)

Brown Color Sand (200 gm)

Orange Color Sand (200 gm)

Blue Color Sand (200 gm)

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