Ignite Series FORTIFY Carb Complex


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Ignite Series™ Fortify™ is a multi-phase carbohydrate release formula is designed to energize your muscles through the toughest workouts. Fortify™ is easy on your stomach, giving you none of the dreaded bloat, like the other alternatives out there. Fast energy & no bloat.*


Dextrose (Phase I) - A fast absorbing simple sugar that provides almost instant energy for muscles during intense exercise.

Maltodextrin (Phase II) - A short chained sugar that is easily digestible and provides for a prolonged carbohydrate absorption.

Palatinose (Phase III) - A slow digesting carbohydrate that is derived from beet sugar which supplies long lasting energy to the muscles and brain. Palatinose® remains in the body longer, and provides a constant supply of much needed energy during prolonged exercise.

Waxy Maize (Phase III) - A natural carbohydrate that is readily absorbed through the small intestine for steady delivery to the muscles.

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