Sansevieria Plant and Bucket Planter with Bicycle


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Planter Top Diameter: 4 inches

Planter Bottom Diameter: 3 inches

Planter Height: 4 inches

Material: Galvanized Iron Metal


Product Length: 26 Cm

Product Width: 11 Cm

Product Height: 18 Cm

Material: Galvanized Iron Metal

Product Description

Sansevieria is one of the best indoor plants to grow. It is a succulent plant native to Africa, Madagascar and Southern Asia. It is commonly known as devil's tongue plant or snake plant. It is a cute little plant which can be grown indoors.

Just imagine having such cute and small plants on your work table or study table. These tabletop plants help us breathe pollution free and fresh air. They keep you refreshed and will bring you out from all external pressures. These plants create an ambiance around you and keep you enthusiastic.

These plants are available with Metal Bicycle Planter made of heavy duty galvanized metal. The bicycle planter elevates the beauty of your place to the next level. They look so cute and brings a smile on your face.

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