Stack planter-Brown


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Product Description:

Each Stack Height:8 Inch

Each Stack Width:14 Inch

Over all Height:30 Inch

Bottom Saucer included.

Plants are not included.


Optimize available growing area with vertical, stacking sections.
Stack able flower pot baskets Can be used as either a hanging or freestanding planter.
suitable for strawberries, herbs and any other seasonal vegetable or flower combination.
Ideal for patios and balconies.
You can create your own combinations of fruit, flowers, vegetables or herbs. 
UV Protected Plastic Grade Protects Pots Color Fading From Direct Sunlight.
100% Virgin Plastic & Ideal for Flowering Plants, and vegetable plants,Greens and Herbs.
Heavy Duty Pot Which Is Durable and Long Lasting
Drainage ensures Your Plant will grow better in this Pot than others

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